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Jewellery Care

How to Care

Jewellery Care & Materials

At Pilgrim, all jewellery, watches and sunglasses are designed by a skilled team of designers and handmade from clean materials with care for our surroundings.

All of our jewellery is lead and nickel free, so if you have an allergy to either of these, you can safely use our jewellery. All jewellery is made on a base of zinc or brass, and in addition, the metal rod that goes through the ear on all our earrings is made of surgical steel. Last but not least, Pilgrim jewellery is plated with real gold or silver for the best possible quality and longevity.

If you would like to learn more about how to care for jewellery best and what materials Pilgrim jewellery, Pilgrim watches and Pilgrim sunglasses are made of, read here where we guide you in jewellerycare and where a cloth is most often the best jewellery cleaner . We want to teach you more about how and with what materials our products are made, so you know how to clean your jewellery to increase the service life - and how to make sure the surface treatment of your jewellery stays beautiful for as long as possible .

Care of Jewellery

Cleaning or cleaning of gold or silver jewellery, or care for gold or silver plated jewellery is essential to keep them beautiful for long. Many factors influence the durability of your jewellery, which is why it is important to take good care of them.

How to clean your silver or gold jewellery?

When you want to clean jewellery, the best jewellery cleaner is actually a soft cloth. And it is especially important to clean your jewelry with one if the jewellery has been exposed to moisture (eg water, sweat, or us) or chemicals (eg chlorine, perfume or hair varnish) and if the body has been in imbalance due to alcohol, medication, stress or air pollution. These factors can provoke a chemical reaction in the metal that can be seen in the form of rapid oxidation.

If they are exposed to some of these factors anyway, you can polish your jewellery or clean your jewelleryagain with a soft cloth.


Avoid quick wear and tear by properly grooming your jewellery

All gold and silver will oxidize over time, and because Pilgrim jewellery is plated
With real gold and silver, they will also oxidize over time. That is, they become darker either in the form of blemishes or a general darkening of the surface. Besides cleaning or cleaning your jewellery , you can look after them by storing them properly.

To avoid e.g. an oxidized silver ring, or oxidation in general, it is important that you keep your jewellery  in a dry place. Therefore, we do not recommend that your jewellery be stored in the bathroom, as the high humidity will adversely affect the surface treatment of the jewelry. Furthermore, we recommend that you take your jewellery  off when you go to sleep, exercise, or swim.

Please note that over time, all coated surfaces will oxidize and change appearance.